What's all this about pigeons, then?

You Mad, Bro?

We're two friends who like movies, comics, video games and all manner of geekery.

We like t-shirts, I mean who doesn't?

We had a few ideas to combine what we like with our own designs.  Like some perverted, creative, PB&J!

We thought other, like minded, people might like what extrudes from our collective head meats and here we are!

We never use print on demand suppliers.  When you click on that buy button and hand over that sweet, sweet hard earned cheddar, know that it's actually us that have done all the hard work.  From design to selecting professional, local, screen printers to actually packing that bad boy up and posting it off.

And just so you know; we eat our own cat food.  That's to say we wear all our shirts, because first and foremost, we design shirts for us to wear.

So there!